The Patriots are reportedly trying out internet-sensation Josh Gable, a kicker who didn’t even play football in College with 80-yard range and an array of trick kicks under his belt. Such a Belichick move. I bet you this dude wasn’t even on any other teams scouting reports and now he has a chance to take Stephen Gostowski’s job. Stephens been an awesome Patriot and a consummate professional but no one is ever safe in Foxborough. In Foxborough it is all about the team and winning football games.


I am excited to see how the tryout turns out. And if you watch the NFL and haven’t been living under a rock for the past 20 years you’re sure as shit that if Gable proves his worth and upends Gostowski than Gostowski will be kicking balls in another jersey this fall. 80 yard range?? That means your practically always in field goal range. Not that the Patriots weren’t always at least in field goal range in the past.