Unbelievable. What a giant waste of time and effort. I wasted an entire 45 minutes of my Monday morning to be duped by the asshat who “gave” me a job. I get a freaking email a mere 30 hours after being “hired” by Lyft saying I am now fired since my drivers license is not from the state of Louisiana. Uhh hello?? Part of getting hired the cocksucker examined my ID and took a picture of it so he knew I was from CT and not Louisiana.


What is even more egregious is let’s say I drove back home in Connecticut and someone wanted a ride to, I don’t know, say LaGuardia Airport which is in New York. Is that not okay, Lyft? Even worse, what if someone moves to another state and they drive for Lyft? They need to up and get a new drivers license immediately. That is horseshit.


That is why I am signing up for Uber, clearly the superior company with an 82% market share. Lyft can shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. They now have my Social Security number, drivers license info and much more. They think they turned me into a dunce but that isn’t happening on my watch. Screw Lyft. Stay tuned and look out for updates: I am joining Uber.