Sure, when on the field, the 27 year old JJ Watt is the most dominant defensive force in football. But if I am Texans’ GM Rick Smith I am trading him as soon as possible. The Texans this past season had the number one ranked defense without JJ Watt. The results? Barely squeaking by a Derek Carrless Raiders team in the Wild Card round followed by getting romped in the Divisional Round by the Patriots. The Texans played a great defensive game and if they had anything close to resembling a Quarterback they probably would have beaten the Patriots. Brock Osweiler is awful. He is a candyass piece of chickenshit. I have literally never seen someone so tall have so many balls batted down. He also makes more money than Tom Brady and Julian IncrEdelman combined.


Yea, I know JJ Watt is the face of the franchise and means more to the city of Houston than Jesus does to Christians. I was just in Houston I saw more JJ Watt jerseys than Patriots and Falcons jerseys combined. But seriously, you need a Quarterback in this league and I don’t know whether or not there is a solid Quarterback in this draft or not but think about how many teams would trade a boat load of talent and/or draft picks for Watt. I am not going to speculate on which teams would trade for JJ but it makes perfect sense to trade him. They just had the number one defense without him on the field. How much better can they get?


Side note: is Houston the worst major professional sports city in the country?