Sadly a sports era is coming to an end with the retirement of broadcaster and fellow degenerate gambler Brent Musburger tonight. Musburger literally bet on every single game he broadcasted which is a lot. The game is Georgia vs. Kentucky at 8:00 EST on BSPN and it most likely is going to be a blowout. The ratings will still be through the roof because of how legendary of a broadcaster Brent was.


The most epic part is that Brent isn’t even retiring; rather he is retiring from broadcasting at BSPN. He will now be broadcasting from the South Point Hotel Casino and Spa Sports book as he ventures into a new gambling gig. It will be broadcasted from Sirius XM’s channel 204 and it is a lock to be a hit. This is a guy who was the face of CBS Sports throughout the 80s. Musburger has broadcasted literally every sport worth watching from the Masters Tournament to this past Sugar Bowl. Musburger called the famous Doug Flutie “Hail Mary” game. Musburger once on LIVE TV gushed about how hot Alabama Quarterback AJ McCarron’s girlfriend was. And now he will be live broadcasting from a sports book in Vegas.