I am on record calling the NFL a joke lead by Pinocchio and his 31 crony lying sack of shits. But I have recently come to the realization that the NBA is a bigger shit show of a form of entertainment. I mean, at least in the NFL something like 12-18 teams have a chance to win the Super Bowl before the season starts. How many in the NBA had a chance before this season? Three? I can’t name more than that, Warriors, Cavaliers (who we will get to in a minute) Spurs and… the Clippers? No shot, Chris Paul doesn’t know what the second round even smells like not to mention he just tore three different ligaments in his thumb. But before getting into the recent shenanigans the league has brought about itself, and without sounding like a homer, I do want to make one thing clear.


I am not crazy, I do know good basketball and some of that has been on display this season. Look no further then my Boston Celtics, who, lead by one of the five good coaches in the league, are playing fundamentally sound team basketball. Not to mention Isaiah Thomas is playing out of his mind at 5 ft. nothing inches and looking like the second coming of Allen Iverson. It is a joke that Demar Derozan is starting in the All Star game over IT. The 76ers are even playing quality ball. TheBucks have also been semi-fun to watch as well and so have a handful of other teams but that doesn’t resolve the fact that no one other than the Warriors, Spurs and Cleveland have a chance.


But this recent nonsense has me furious. Reports are that there is a big feud between Lebron and Dan Gilbert?? At this point they are like your retard friend who breaks up with his significant other only to get back together 13 times. Lebron James bitching to the media about how he doesn’t have enough talent on his team??  That is complete monkey business. What kind of message does that send to them? Anytime you have the best point guard in the league, a guy in Kevin Love who has PROVED he can be big in big moments combined with your 6 ft. 9 260 pound freak of nature body, you can have 8 other rejects with you and you will still be competing for the trophy. To call the roster out in public to the MEDIA! What kind of message does that send to Richard Jefferson, Iman Shumpert, JR Smith, Tristian Thompson and James Jones all of whom WON last year with LeLoser.