What a fucking game, an instant classic that rivals any of the best College Football games. And any time one gets the opportunity to trash the NFL they should tke full advantage of it; last night was more entertaining than all of the Wild Card games combined. Deshaun Watson played like a monster, Mike Williams will be an absolute beast in the NFL and white boy Hunter Renfrow will be a New England Patriot. Belichick must have been licking his chops watching Renfrow ball last night, the dude literally looked like Edelman in Superbowl 49. Alabama’s offense proved to be ineffective, scoring only 7 points in the 4th quarter and was on the field for only 66 plays; 34 rushes and 32 passes. Aside from one 68-yard touchdown pass to a wide-open OJ Howard, Freshman Quarterback Jalen Hurts was nothing with his arm.

Alabama’s defense simply could not get off of the field, as aforementioned Alabama ran 66 plays on offense. Clemson ran 99. I am not a math guy but I think that is something like 133% of what Bama ran. Alabama converted just 13% of their third downs compared to their season average of 46% on third downs. Clemson scored a touchdown on all of their red zone trips when Alabama was third in the nation in red zone defense all season. Clemson deserved to win last night’s stellar Championship game.

From what I have heard, for the most part the fans in Tuscaloosa have been taking this loss with class. Clemson was clearly the better team but still, questions will be asked in Tuscaloosa. What the heck was Saban doing firing his Offensive Coordinator the week of the Championship game? Did Sark call a good game? How different would the game plan have been if Kiffin had still been calling the plays? I say bullshit. Questioning Saban is like questioning evolution. It is a stupid thing to do. Alabama will be right there again next season. Congratulations Clemson on a well earned Championship, the first in 35 years.