The playoffs are finally here and football fans around the country are going berserk. Rightfully so. Football fans like me though, have this huge pit in their stomach for either one or both of these two reasons: first being we have a deep feeling of depression looming over us because A football season is about to be over and B where the fuck did the fall go. The second reason is fans like me know we have a legitimate shot to win it all. I am not saying if your team isn’t in the playoffs you aren’t a real fan or anything like that, that would be a nonsensical thing for me to say. What I will say though is if your team is not in the playoffs and you are not a degenerative gambler than the playoffs aren’t nearly as entertaining. Luckily for me, the Patriots are in the playoffs every year and I am also a gambling degenerate, best of both worlds.


Saturday 4:25 ET Oakland at. Houston, Texans -4.


Probably (definitely) the most boring of the four Wildcard games we have Connor Cook facing off against Brock Osweiler. Connor Cook was a great college quarterback until Alabama swamped him in the semi final last season. No one really knows what to expect out of him, especially when his starting left tackle, Pro Bowler Donald Penn is injured and won’t be playing. Combine that with the Texans having one of the top defenses in the league I expect a low scoring game. 17-10 Texans. Keep an eye on the O/U at 36.5. I didn’t not not not not take the under.


Saturday 8:15 ET Detroit at Seattle. Seahawks -8.


Stafford had a great regular season throwing for 4,327 yards to 24 TDs and 10 INTs. He has only played in two career playoff games and hasn’t won either of them. In those two games he has 703 yards with 4 TDs to 3 INTs completing 66% of his passes. Not good not bad, we call that average. On the other hand, Russell Wilson has been to two Superbowls, has won one of them and has put up great postseason numbers. With the game being in Seattle it is extremely tough to pick against the Seahawks but with no Earl Thomas I believe 8 points is far too much to give the Lions. I am going with 27-23 Seattle with Detroit covering the spread.


Sunday 1:05 ET Miami at Pittsburg, Steelers -11.


A playoff game with an 11 point spread does not seem right, especially when you consider the fact that the Dolphins romped the Steelers earlier in the season 30-15. That was in October though and it is now January. Plus, that game was played in Sunny Miami this game will be played at Heinz Field where kickoff temperatures will be hovering around 18 degrees. The Steelers have the 13th best rush defense allowing 100 yards a game. The Dolphins have the 9th best rushing offense gaining 114 yards a game. That is what I call a push, and while I think Ryan Tannehill is trash and do have some respect for Matt Moore, Vegas may be right with this one. I’m going 31-17 Steelers.


Sunday 4:40 ET Giants at Packers, Packers -5.

We have seen this story before; the Giants squeak in to the postseason and play a game in a freezing Lambeau field. On January 15th, 2012 the regular season 15-1 Packers hosted the regular season 9-7 Giants in the NFC Divisional Playoff round. Everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock knows what occurred, the Giants beat them badly and would go on to beat the 49ers in the NFC Championship and then the Patriots in the Superbowl. This year, while the game is in Green Bay, the Packers are 10-6 and the Giants are 11-5. After starting off the season 4-6, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have managed to win 6 straight to clinch their division. Rodgers has been on fire after getting an enormous amount of flack for the atrocious start. I see this winning streak ending tomorrow, 23-20 Gmen on a last second field goal by Robbie Gould to culminate another game-winning drive by Eli. I’ve got a feeling we are going to see the trilogy. Giants vs. Patriots, Eli vs. Brady part 3.