As I so eloquently noted on November 30th 2016, in my heart of hearts PJ Fleck is a top-notch ball coach and will win a National Championship someday. Little did my big brain know that the opportunity for him to accomplish that goal would become much easier in the upcoming offseason. PJ Fleck has been named the head coach at Minnesota. Now don’t get your panties all in a bunch assuming that Fleck can win at Minnesota. That is not what I am insinuating. What I am saying is now Coach Fleck is the head coach at a Power 5 school and will now face off annually against the likes of Urban Meyer, Jim Harbaugh and Mark D’Antonio among others.

Here is the thing though: coaches, particularly young ones at the collegiate level tend to jump ship early and often. Look at Saban, his first head coaching stint was at Toledo for one season, and than jumped ship to become a Belichick coordinator with the Browns for four seasons. After that, Saban became the Head Coach at Michigan State, than LSU, than a brief and controversial stint with the Miami Dolphins for a couple of seasons only to be back on a university with a statue of himself and multiple rings. Every coach (aside from maybe that controversial NFL snafu) goes through a similar trajectory. Mark my word in INK, black ink; PJ Fleck will have trophies someday. Watch him have two successful seasons at Minnesota and Coach O stink up the joint in Baton Rouge. Heard it here first.

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