Mark my word, I will donate one of my kidneys if Goodell isn’t handing Tommy Boy the Lombardi Trophy come February 5th. This Patriots team is something else, it is special. The Gronk injury blows and fuck the Madden Curse but, again, this team is special and will overcome the loss of 87. With Big Dick Martellus Bennett, the improved and borderline elite offensive line combined with the addition of a top 5 Defense this team is winning it all.

I am so completely convinced it isn’t even funny. Yea, we are on to Miami and we focus on the task at hand but if I had money, I would put it all on the Patriots. Literally every single penny. Sure, everyone with me is telling me I am overreacting and it is the low life New York Jets but I don’t give a rats ass. I am donating one of my kidneys if the Patriots don’t win number 5. And it will be all for the wrong reason, usually people who donate kidneys do it in an act of kindness. I don’t care about people on dialysis. I care about my Patriots and my big brain is convinced that Super Bowl 51 is most definitely going to the Patriots. We are on to Miami, We are on to Week 17, and that first round fucking bye baby which, these days, comes around every single year in New England. Win one game after we demolish the Dolphins on New Years Day and we are playing for the Lamar Hunt Trophy. While I prefer to have two kidneys and I am so fucking convinced that will remain to be the case, I will have only one come February if the Patriots don’t pull it out.