Everyone with a brain wants to have an opinion on this one. From Donovan Mcnabb claiming sitting out sets a bad example for kids (coming from the man who once garnered 2 DUIs in 18 months) to people like Mike Greenberg who claim you do what you gotta do and they are meaningless games anyway which is true only three bowl games mean anything. The two semi final games and than the National Championship. However it isn’t so black and white and there are a lot of uninformed people out there tweeting and spewing nonsense about the situation. There are many complicated layers to it.

For example, many people who are siding with McCaffrey and Fournette point right to the Jaylon Smith injury from last season when he blew out his knee, completely slipped in the draft and missed his rookie season. Little do they know he got an INSURANCE CLAIM because of it. He still got paid and still has the opportunity to make millions of dollars and probably will do so. Danny Kanell, who is very knowledgeable when it comes to College Football who I usually side with yet makes a myriad of controversial statements is against them sitting out but understands their decision which is where I am at. Kanell, as always, is getting so much heat on twitter right now it is comical. One of his tweets I believe is a horrible point. Kanell is claiming that if its okay for guys like McCaffrey and Fournette to sit out the bowl games than Dak Prescott should stop playing for the rest of the season. Kanell sarcastically claims, to make a point, that if Prescott is playing at this high of a level and proving to be a franchise QB than why risk injury? Here is where that is a dump point to try and make: the Cowboys are not playing in meaningless games, they are fighting for home field advantage and to continue momentum. If the Cowboys lose out and the Giants win out than the Giants will have home field advantage over them. Meanwhile, LSU and Stanford’s respective bowl games mean diddly poo. Its hogwash.