Offense vs Defense fights in the locker room, TJ Ward flexing after a 15 yard penalty, Emmanual Sanders chirping at Malcolm Butler on Twitter after being completely shut down. The Denver Broncos are dead. Another team on the Patriots path to Houston buried in the ground. Word out of Denver is that Von Miller thought they were playing on Sunday Night Football, so he did not show up to the stadium in time to play. Trevor Siemen threw 50 times, but his best ball of the day was a beautiful 10 yard out pass to Logan Ryan. Pure domination by Belichick and Matt Patricia, and Brady and the offense turned on the cruise control. Julian Edelman was awesome, as he managed to drop the loudest motherfucker in the history of live television (, while battling through his 35th concussion of the season.
In a league built for parity, the Patriots are great every single year. The Broncos got lucky last year, and there are other teams such as the Giants who will find a nut once in a while, but there is only one Franchise that is relevant every single season. One team that is contending for a title every fucking year. Hat and T shirt games are as routine as a Jim Irsay trip to the pharmacy. This run is unprecedented, and will never be repeated. That fat dude Trent Dilfer (please donate) thought it was over a couple of years ago, but here at the end of 2016 and the Pats show no signs of slowing down. And honestly, we are on to Miami, because playing the Jets next week is a complete waste of everybody’s time.