First and foremost what the hell is Pete Carroll doing calling a fake punt up 21 points with five minutes left in the game against the Los Angeles Low Life Rams? Such an unmitigated and un called for move. Leaving his punter Jon Ryan up to dry was sadistic. Ryan showed so much heart running for his life collecting the only 40 or so yards he has ever collected in his life. Only problem was as he was about to get tackled he fumbled the ball upon receiving zero contact. Ball is loose he dove for it only to be derailed by a Seahawk defender. Probably got CTE in the process becoming the only punter in the history of punters to get CTE

Jon Ryan got ruined. I thought he was dead he was on the ground for over five minutes. It was scary but a clever and well run play- if it’s a close game. There was zero point in calling that play up 21 against the rams with so little time left. Punt the ball, play some defense, get the ball back and run the clock out. It is that simple, don’t subject your punter to a hit like that, that was a suicidal mission at least teach the fucker to slide.