Alright I hope to the heavens above that I won’t get any slack for this. But here we go; new University of Houston Head Football Coach, Major Applewhite, the ex- University of Texas Quarterback and long time sought after assistant coach once had a little “controversy”. Not many details have been provided though I am trying to find them but based on my own findings he essentially had sex with a student who worked with the athletic training staff.

Now I understand there is this thing called a contract and that in Major Applewhite’s contract somewhere in there it probably said that he can’t get it off with students because he is employed by the school. Well guess what, contract? There is this thing called the actual law and any university student other than those little savant nerd kids who aced multivariable calculous at age 13 is of legal age. So what if a then 31 year old Major Applewhite had sex with a smoke show dime aged over 18 and probably from the state of Texas. But that is why he was able to not get in any real trouble. They froze his salary for a year. Big deal for a guy making what was then half a million a year but still got to coach and now is 38, the head coach of a rising University of Houston football team making over a million dollars. Within 3 years Major Applewhite will be coaching a power-5 team. PJ Fleck and Major Applewhite are two football coaches whose names are the hottest.