If you look at Joe Flaccos numbers from last night in a vacuum, you may come to the conclusion that he is a elite quarterback. But for those of us who actually watched the football game and have a brain in between our ears saw that he is just not elite. Flacco played right into the hands of Patrcia. The Pats D is more than willing to sit back and let Flacco dump it off 4-5 yards downfield, and then swarm to the football. As long as they take away the big play, they know the Ravens aren’t good enough to sustain drives and score enough points to win. The whole first half consisted of Baltimore picking up a few first downs, and then punting the ball away. When Joe got impatient with that, he immediately tossed up a pick to McCourtey. Sure he ended up with 324 yards passing, but most of that came from dinking and dunking the ball down the field. A couple of really nice throws down the sideline, but not enough to be called Elite.

The consensus from last night seems to be how tough the Ravens hung in Foxborough, and what a tight football game it was. Please. If not for two b2b complete fluke fumbles, that game is over midway through the 3rd quarter. Not to mention a Brady interception going into the Endzone, which happens once every decade. Other then that one play, Brady was perfect. Dropping absolute dimes to Hogan and Bennett for Touchdowns, throwing a dart to Mitchell for another one. He made all the throws, and got no help from his number 1 guy, who looked like he had no idea where he was last night. All we heard about all week was Baltimore and their #1 rated defense, and I’m sure TB12 just got sick of it. He was as fired up as ever, and torched them to the tune of 409 yards and 3 TDs. He takes the word elite to a whole new level, and continues to prove why he is the GOAT.