Not much to harp on here. Fisher deserved to be canned and I have blogged about that a couple of times with the Eric Dickerson mess and what not. Atleast Ole Dickerson can attend games at the Coliseum now that Fisher is on the streets. Funny twist on the mess of a saga: secondary coach for the LA Rams is Brandon Fisher, son of Jeff. Does he get canned too? They should probably just clean house but no one really cares since the Rams are a joke of an organization run by a joke of a human being in Stan Kroenke- a conniving jagaloon who strictly cares about money. If given the opportunity, Kroenke would choose to leave planet earth a worse place than it was before he was born. He is that sick of a human.

The million dollar question is will Jeff Fisher coach again in the NFL? It would certainly take a fool to even entertain the thought of hiring Jeff to run their organization. Football coaches are supposed to be the ultimate leaders and managers. They are like captains of a ship. If you can trust your coach with your life than you know you are rooting for the proper football team. Jeff Fisher shouldn’t have had a job to begin with but he did and now that he is fired Rams fans can rejoice. But back to Kroenke, deaths and suicides should never be taken lightly but if you want to know of how awful an individual Kroenke is look no further than here.