An Egyptian beekeeper and bee aficionado is so obsessed with bees that he is willing to put his face in a swarm of 1000 bees and not get stung. The mentally deranged man, Mohamed Hagras, doesn’t have a beard of hair like many Egyptians do but rather a beard of bees. Look at the picture its absolutely nuts. Apparently he has entered numerous competitions involving impractical, foolish and harebrained things such as sticking your face on a silver platter with thousands of bees.

My question is, how didn’t he get stung? Or did he get stung, but he is immune to bee stings and or pain? Let me tell you, I have only been stung by a bee once and it really hurt. But that was ONE bee and it ended up dying like bees do after they sting something. I brushed it off, took out the stinger and within 5 days it was as if nothing had happened. But this man, by god needs some help. Or maybe, just maybe, he is sexually attracted to bees and is attempting to be the first human ever to procreate with a bee to create the first Homo saBEEin.