Newt Gingrich is a complete and utter moron. I mean for the sake of things, just what was the point of making that comment? First off, the Japanese Empire during World War 2 was an evil, kamikaze komitting and ruthless entity. Don’t give them credit for anything, Newt. Next, why don’t you give Al-Queda and Saudi Arabia credit for 9/11 while your at it? The attack on Pearl Harbor was one of the deadliest attacks from a foreign enemy on US soil in our entire history.

This is the same Newt Gingrich who is in favor of child labor, believes women should have zero access to abortions, once penned a letter in favor of medical marijuana only to retract the statement, believes climate change is a hoax, believes human life is sustainable on Saturn, and who believes apples are healthy for people suffering from type 2 diabetes. I may be uninformed on some topics, but Newt Gingrich’s inability to display any form of intelligence, common sense or gentlemanism is common information. Newt will once again be retracting an idiotic statement because calling the Japanese “brilliant” for attacking America on American soil resulting in crushing defeat in World War 2 is downright idiotic.