Jim Harbaugh’s press conference for the Orange Bowl is gold. Harbaugh looked and sounded as if he belongs in a psychiatric ward. He was blabbering about the first time he saw the ocean, palm trees and coconuts. An awkward Jimbo Fisher was bemused by Harbaughs antics. Here the two coaches were, in the Orange Bowl Press Conference being coerced to talk about the upcoming game and Harbaugh is treating it as if he is doing stand up comedy at the Wilbur Theater. I would pay any amount of money to be a fly in the wall or to place a hidden camera in a doctors office during a Jim Harbaugh checkup. I have stated this on a myriad of occasions that football coaches are some of the funniest and most entertaining dudes out there. While I am no fan of Harbaugh and his silly antics he fits the bill of an entertainer. Just look at that face, he makes Willy Wonka seem sane.