Trading Yoan Moncada and Travis Shaw reeks of the Red Sox having faith in a Pablo Sandoval resurgence. But lets face it, after signing a $100 million dollar contract Pablo Sandoval decided to never work out and strictly focus on eating cheeseburgers and donuts. Complete and utter sell out and one of the worst signings in Red Sox history-arguably worse than the Carl Crawford and David Price signings. Sandoval claims he “was so complacent with things that I already accomplished”.

Guess what? Sports and complacency do not mix well. I am a huge proponent in the saying it is what it is. Well you know what it is? It is a disappointment. I refuse to hop on this Pablo Sandoval resurgence bandwagon until he proves he can play to the level he has proven he is capable of playing at. Just because some picture of him post workout surfaced where he looks sweaty and a little less fat does not mean he is going to play well this season or any season. The picture was also taken from 24 ft away and he was wearing a baggy shirt how on earth can one come to the conclusion that he is “back”.