Now here me out, the title sounds crazy but I am completely convinced it is the truth. It makes perfect sense. In early 2005, Iron Mike Webster was not in good shape from all the drugs he had taken his entire life- from steroids all the way down to opiates and alcohol. The MLB, knowing the impending consequences coming from the Mitchell Report, saw this as a great opportunity to convince Mike Webster that using his head like a battering ram for 20 years in the NFL was the reason for his ailing body and not the drugs. Mike would sadly go on to pass away of a heart attack, not concussion related, at the young tragic age of 50. Websters death started the war on the NFL in regards to concussions. A sick sadistic ploy by Bud Selig.

That is reason number one, the meeting between Bud Selig and Mike Webster which occurred in early 2005 2 years before the Mitchell Report was released. At this time, the NFL’s ratings were a booming and the MLB’s were about to go to shit. That meeting, again, is reason numero uno. Reason 2, the MLB’s problem with reaching out to the African American inner city population. These kids turn out to be some of Americas best athletes but they play basketball and football. Cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, Miami etc. fill the rosters of NBA and NFL teams not MLB teams. MLB teams are filled with white players or Cubans, Domincans, Puerto Ricans, Venezuelans, Mexicans etc. By planting the Concussion/CTE myth the MLB believed that they would get more better athletes and not the Mike Napoli/David Wells/John Kruk types.

Last but not least, my third reason for 100 percent believing the MLB planted the concussion myth is because you cant get concussions playing baseball. By having moms all across the nation believing only in football can you get a concussion, then more and more moms will make their children play baseball. One needs the attention span of a goldfish or a fruit fly (both of which have been scientifically proven to have higher attention spans than us mere humans) to be able to play an entire 9 inning at the least game. And to watch it on TV? Dont even get me started, unless it is Game 7 of Cubs Indians in the World Series baseball is tough to get through. Selig knew this all along so he planted the myth. Now us true football fans are suffering the consequences of football being a dying sport. All we can do is blame Selig. Save the shield.