Varying regions have varying point of views when it comes to Breakfast. Being the well traveled, well versed chap that I am I have seen all of these point of views but more importantly I have tasted them. Breakfast is arguably the best meal of the day; it most definitely competes with lunch and dinner. A good breakfast equals a good day. No breakfast equals a bad day. Breakfast is like oil it makes one a well oiled machine pending on what they consume. Here goes nothing:


  1. Corned Beef Hash. This is a given if you have ever gone out to eat with me before noon. Hashbrowns/homefries are arguably the tastiest thing on this planet, when combined with diced corned beef with the addition of 2 eggs either poached or over easy is the best breakfast in the history of breakfasts. I prefer it without hollandaise sauce since that is a little bit too rich for me, the yolk from the eggs provides enough liquid. Mash it all up together-the eggs, panfried potatoes and diced corned beef and you have yourself the number one breakfast.
  2. Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich on a Hardroll. Easy to eat. Not messy. Right there in your hands. I have even met some uncanny individuals who prefer a Bacon Egg and Cheese over an orgasm. Those people are sociopaths but the fact that that is a fact speaks volumes to the magnitude of the quality of a bacon egg and cheese sandwhich.
  3. Classic Breakfast. Keeping it simple. 2 Eggs any style (I stick with over easy) bacon toast and homefries. I like a good wheat bread for my toast. But some diners/restaurants/breakfast establishments don’t serve corned beef hash. Every single one has some variety of the classic breakfast plate. It is the fuel that keeps on giving which is why it warrants a top 5 spot in the All-Star lineup.
  4. Any variety of a Bagel. Cream cheese, butter, plain bagel, everything bagel, sesame seed bagel, chive cream cheese, vegetable cream cheese, pumpernickel bagel, bagel with lox, bagel with cucumbers, bagel with tomato, any way its prepared it’s a top 5 breakfast. My only issue with it is the lack of protein necessary to compete with everyone on a day-to-day basis. I am a competitive individual and as aforementioned in the introduction breakfast is key.
  5. Last but certainly not least steak is a mans second best friend behind K9s. Starting in 6th grade, each and every day I would come home from Middle/High School and grill myself up a T-bone. On mornings in which I did not or could not finish my T-bone I would put it in a container and put the container with the leftover T-bone in the refrigerator (it is not a fridge it is a refrigerator). Those days in which I would start my day off with steak were some of the best days of my life.


Honorable mention: (I am not a sweets guy) A stack of flapjacks, Waffles and Fried Chicken, Cheese and Grits, FRUIT SALAD, Diced Pickled Pigs Feet and Oatmeal with brown sugar