First and foremost December 7th is an extremely important day not only because it is the day that birthed Bird but because it is the day the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941 which was arguably the final straw that brought us to the Pacific, North Africa and Europe. The American Navy, through grit hard work and determination, pummeled the Japanese during the Battle of the Midway. Under the leadership and command of Admirals Chester Nimitz, Frank Jack Fletcher and Raymond A. Spruance, America in a 3 day span in early June of 1942 destroyed Isoroku Yamamoto, Nobutake Kondo and the rest of the Japanese. It was the start of the end for Japan in WW2. December 7th is an important day, one of the worst attacks on American soil led to triumph and by god any Veteran is a hero. Respect the Veterans.

December 7th is also important because of Larry Bird. Bird is now 60 and an executive for the Indiana Pacers. He played 13 years for the Boston Celtics and is a Boston legend. I so badly wish I could have seen him play in the 80s but I am too young. Watching highlights of him is so entertaining. I can watch hours and hours and hours of Larry Bird highlights. His body control, jump shot, court vision, passing ability and knack for making the big play in the big moment NOW THERE IS A STEAL BY BIRD, UNDERNEATH TO DJ WHO LAYS IT IN are all reasons why on anyones list of NBA greats Bird comes in near the top. Happy Birthday Larry the Legend.