Curt Schilling is more out of touch with reality then almost any human being on the planet. It is painful to think about how stupid he is, and if he didn’t have the ability to throw a baseball extra fast, then he would undoubtedly be living under a bridge with chronic liver disease. Highlights from his life after professional baseball include losing hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars for his failed video game company, getting fired by ESPN for repeated idiotic statements (impossible to do), and holding pep-rallies for Donald Trump that attracted no more then 15 people. In addition to calling 12 year old kids “gorgeous” while wearing the below outfit on National TV, Schilling continues to make a clown out of himself, as he repeatedly states his plans to run for a senate seat. If I got the chance to speak with Schill for a moment, I would just politely ask him to PLEASE go the fuck away.
All of that said, Curt Schilling deserves to make the Hall of Fame without question. Lucky for him, he was born with an insane ability to throw a baseball, and even luckier for him, without enough brain cells to comprehend the pressure of big game situations. Thus, he is one of the most clutch performers in postseason history. Yes the ketchup painted on his sock before game 6 was a nice touch, but time and time again, the guy came up huge in the biggest moments. Without the postseason, his numbers are borderline hall worthy, but throw in the games that count the most, and he should be a guaranteed lock to get in. As long as there is no IQ test or certain level of human decency required to get in, then Curt Schilling should be in Cooperstown. And then, he should go the fuck away.