What a draft class of running backs. Leonard Fournette, Dalvin Cook who has run for over 3200 yards in the past two seasons and now McCaffrey. Hope to holy hell that Christian drops to the 32nd pick, the pick the Patriots will possess, so the Patriots draft him and he gets to play for The Hoodie. Can you imagine that All-White 7 on 7 Offense. Hogan, Edelman and Amendola at WR, Gronk at TE (he will be back better than ever) McCaffrey running the rock and Brady dishing the rock. Would be a sight to see.


Any old folks reading this, when was the last all white offense? Has to be ages ago. Has to be. McCaffrey belongs in a Patriots uniform and everyone knows it. Belichick will put him all over the field, special teams, running back, slot receiver. He will be a Aaron Hernandez/Julian Edelman/Rob Gronkowski hybrid and I am hard just imagining it. But no need to get too far ahead. We are on to Baltimore, Monday Night, preview blog coming. No team plays the Patriots better than the Baltimore Ravens. I wake up twice a week in cold sweats to Terrell Suggs breaking in to my house with a pick axe and a crazed deranged look on his face about to attack my family and me.