Ron Rivera, according to the Charlotte Observer, is genuinely concerned about the mental health of his team. Let us dissect that really quickly. First and foremost, there are these things called concussions as well as this disease known as CTE which has been rampant in the brains of dead NFL players. I guarantee 75 % of the Carolina Panthers current roster will end up dying due to causes related to CTE. Next, coming off a Superbowl losing hangover, they are currently 4-8. Playoffs are extremely unlikely if not mathematically impossible. Riverboat Ron has every reason to be concerned about the mental health of his players.


Should he be concerned about his job? Only time will tell but I say no. One more losing season and I say yes. But as AJ so eloquently noted, something is not right in Charlotte when you are suspending your best player for the opening series culminating in a crushing 40-7 loss in primetime. When the going gets tough, the tough get going so we will wait and watch how this snafu unfolds. But what is apparent at the moment: other than Thomas Davis and Luke Kuechly, the Carolina Panthers are the Carolina Pussies who are struggling with mental health.