unnamedI think everybody is pretty sick and tired of Cam Newton at this point. Amazing how quickly a guy can go from the “face of the NFL” to the biggest crybaby in sports since Lebron in his first stint with the Cavs. But last night may have been a new Rock Bottom for the $1,000 pair of pants wearing QB. Not only did Carolina get drummed on National TV 40-7, but Scam Newton got benched for the first series of the game, for violating the teams dress code. Why no tie Cam? Because it didn’t match the rest of his outfit. We all know that Cam takes his fashion pretty seriously, evidenced by his leopard skin pants, raccoon tail, feathered cap, etc. but what we did not realize until last night is that the former MVP places a higher value on making sure his game day outfit matches, than being on the field to help his team win a football game. Look, if you want to dress up like Mr Peanut for your post game press conference, that’s on you, but don’t get yourself benched so you can make a fashion statement for the 5 minute walk from the team Bus to the locker room.

And a big shout-out to Derek Anderson for making the most of his opportunity by throwing a pick on the first play of the game.