Another meaningless primetime game for the Jets. Honestly, has a Jet team been THIS bad since fat Rex and the Sanchize himself? I know what you’re saying, classic Jets, but this might be one of the worst quarterback situations they’ve ever had. Don’t get me wrong – Sanchez SUCKED, he was a shitty quarterback who throws more picks than touchdowns and becomes notorious for eating his own lineman’s ass. But we knew this! Fitzpatrick, on the other hand, duped a whole organization. The man has the audacity to sit hold out and almost retire because he wanted Bradford money. Hey asshole – Bradford is 29 years old, and for the most part was always starting, Granted Fitz had a better overall season last year, becoming the Jets all time touchdown leader, but look at the man’s career. He is a glorified, genius backup quarterback who gets a chance every now and then to start for Chan Gailey.

I’m not even mad about the holdout though – he knew the Jets needed a quarterback and he knows the offense, and he had the support of Marshall and Decker. But I’m fucking livid over how he’s performed. 10 touchdowns compared to 13 interceptions, and at one point this season the man had more interceptions in the end zone than completed touchdowns. C’mon man, if you’re gonna get paid 12 million dollars, at least learn how to fucking play football.

Now the next question I keep asking myself is: “what the fuck is Todd Bowles thinking???” How does this man continue to play Fitzpatrick, when the team is sitting at 3-8, with very little to no shot Fitz comes back next year? Last year the Jets finished with a record of 10-6, missing out on the playoffs by coming up short in the last game. This year? They’re fighting for a top 5 draft pick. So what is Todd Bowles thinking when he’s trotting out Fitz”Magic” over Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenber? He’s thinking he does not give a flying fuck about this franchise. He does not care about the future, or the fans, or championships. The man cares about keeping his job, and thinks if Fitz can squeak out a few games, his job is safe. Hey Todd, news flash. Fitz isn’t a rookie quarterback, you don’t get the extra long leash like Jeff Fisher does with Jared Goff. What you get is unemployed, for not making one sensible decision this season. I can talk about how he destroyed our secondary, which has been very elite until recently, but that’s saved for a different rant.

As of now, the Jets are sitting at #5 in the draft, with a loss tonight against the horrendous Colts, they will be at #4, jumping over Chicago. Please Todd, do what is right – put in Christian Hackenberg and take away all chances of winning tonight. Take The L Todd, just do it.