Don’t get me wrong, even though I run 10 miles a week I am in absolutely no shape to climb Mt. Everest. It is a deadly trek which has taken the lives of a myriad of brave yet unable individuals. Even with the help of the courageous Sherpas climbing Mt. Everest is like running across both i95 North and South on a Friday at 3:30. Actually it is probably even sicker than that. It is like swimming up the dead body and snake infested Mississippi River from New Orleans to St. Louis, a daring 678 mile swim upstream. Completely reckless.

That is how passionate I feel about this game. I won’t have to climb Mt. Everest because Jim McElwain’s Florida Gators are simply not going to win today at 3 Central Standard Time. Alabama can beat ISIS and Assad in 35 minutes. Florida is no match for them which is why I am willing to hike Mt. Everest if Florida wins. It is not going to happen. I am not so sure if my boys are swimming down there but if I am fertile and able to have kids someday they will know their father was willing to risk his life climbing Mt. Everest over a mismatch football game.everest-21