Reason #3,069 why Jeff Fisher should not still be a head coach in the NFL. Look, Jeff Fisher is hands down the worst coach in the NFL. I would rather have Gus Bradley coach my team any day. I would rather have Pete Carroll call my plays from the 1, I would rather have a blind/deaf and mute Bill Belichick coach my team then this clown. Sure he has a cool mustache and looks like a pure football guy, but there is no doubt when you go into a season with Fisher at HC, that the best you can go is 7-9. Jeff Fisher is one loss away from having the most losses of all time, with far fewer wins then anyone else he is close to on that list. In 20 seasons, he has 6 measly playoff appearances, with NONE of them coming in the last 8 seasons. 104-7 is the combined score of the last two games Jeff Fisher has coached against the Patriots. hahahahahaha. 104-7!


We haven’t even touched on the guy not being able to name the running backs on the team that he is playing that week. Meanwhile Bellichick can tell you what the Rams Punter’s favorite type of Cereal is, and Fisher still thinks Danny Woodhead is coming out of the Pats backfield and Ty Law will be covering Tavon Austin on Sunday. Now that the whole world knows Jeff Fisher doesn’t watch game film, we find out later that he is an absolute dickhead to the greatest football player in Rams Franchise history. Can you imagine Bill Belichick throwing an ounce of disprespect towards any great Patriot players or any other great players in league history. He brought his entire team to a statue of Jim Brown in Cleveland to pay tribute to the guy, while Fisher won’t allow Eric Dickerson to address his football team. His shitty fucking football team, that will go 7-9. Again.




P.S. Dye your fucking beard if your going to dye your ugly greasey hair