First off, why the fuck was he playing against the Jets. Secondly, I dont want to hear about the replacements the pats have for Gronk. There is no substitute. He is the best player at his position in the history of the NFL, and the biggest mismatch to ever step on a football field. Problem is, he cant stay on the mother fucking field. He is made out of glass. Im not saying he is soft, but he is fragile and he is breakable. Thus, we have seen Rob Gronkowski in a Patriots uniform for the final time. I know it sucks to hear, because everybody loves Gronk, especially the jersey chasing females around Boston, but his time playing for Bill Belichick is done. What is that saying that I applied so loosely during my class schedule at Tulane? “Showing up is half the battle”…Well the guy simply cant show up for 16 games plus the post season. He never has been able to, and there is no reason to think he will be able to as these injuries continue to pile up. Belichick values attendance over everything, and as good as Gronk is, Bill cant count on him to be there in December and January, when the games actually matter.
No right minded patriots fan wants to see it, but the day where Gronk gets traded to Oakland or Arizona or Cleveland for a 4th round draft pick, is quickly approaching. And that day is going to suck almost as bad as this one.
For now, I guess we can look at the rest of the AFC and still believe there is a chance to get to the Super Bowl, but if we don’t win the Lombardi Trophy come February, we are going to hear the same thing we heard in ’11, ’12, ’13, etc. “What if Gronk was healthy?”