Thursdays fucking suck. Such awful fucking news that this warrants so many fucking f bombs. Injuries suck so much. Herniated disc. My computer is about to break due to water damage from all the tears flowing down my face. Awful awful awful news. I literally would rather get my skull split open by Connor McGregor then read that news and Ian fucking Rappaport is the one who breaks the news un fucking believable.


Now that the pure raw emotion is over with here is how the Patriots can survive without Gronk: Number 1 is more 2 back offense. James White and Dion Lewis are nearly impossible to cover with linebackers. The Patriots used a lot of that in the game against the Jets and look to see more of that. Number 2 is Big Dick Martellus Bennet. Guy is a freak of nature and we need to keep giving him the ball. Lastly our defense has to step it up. If we get more and more pressure on opposing quarterbacks Logan Ryan is a much better player. In Bill We Trust. We are on to Los Angeles.