The Hero World Challenge, aka “the 5th Major” aka the Tiger Woods Annual Whos Back Tournament gets going today, as Eldrick TIger Woods tees it up for the first time in over a year. Those of us with a pulse and a brain can not wait to see what Tiger does on the first tee down in the Bahamas. Chances are he snap hooks a drive into the trees, and then Withdraws with “lower back tightness” after the 3rd hole, BUT what if he returns to greatness. While he may never return to the Tiger Woods of old (banging Denny’s Waitresses at the turn, and winning major after major) we can at least hope that he will flash glimpses of greatness. Greatness that made golf cool for everyone, not just the rich, white, prep school d-bags (Yes, we still love golf too). So lets all hope for a few club twirls, crazy fist pumps, hard f-bombs, and overall swagger that made a professional GOLFER, one of the most polarizing athletes on the planet. Lets Go Tiger. Make Golf Great Again.