The debate about Romo returning should have ended Week 6 after a 5-1 start not two Tuesdays ago. Dak Prescott is legit he is too legit to quit. His accuracy, mobility and decision-making have been borderline unprecedented for such a young kid (coming from the brain and finger tips of a 21 year old). “The Cowboys are only good because of their offensive line” Partly true after incredible early draft pick investments in the oline the team is starting to come along. “The Cowboys wouldn’t have such a good record without Ezekiel Elliot” Kid is a stud but my mother could run through some of those holes. No one is giving Daks Life the proper amount of credit he deserves. If you spend 17 minutes on a Fall Saturday with me you will know I am an SEC fanatic. Until this year with the emergence of Michigan and a revamped Penn State and Wisconsin I have never even entertained the thought that another conference belonged on the same field as an SEC team. I watched nearly every minute of Daks Life’s career at Mississippi State and in no way shape or form did I see this coming. Through 11 games he is 10-1 with 2,608 throwing yards, 70% completion percentage with 18 touchdowns to 2 interceptions. And he has probably run for significant damage as well. Ill take Daks Life over Aaron Rodgers, who hasn’t spoken to his family in over 2 years and seems to care more about State Farm commercials than the Green Bay Packers, any day of the week.