Look, I understand that this is not the common perception. “Not a power five conference, they didn’t play anyone good all season”. That is a boatload of Ox shit. Us fans want the four best teams in the playoff. So if Western Michigan, which they absolutely will do, beats the University of Ohio Friday night in the Marathon MAC (MACtion) Football Championship game then they 100 and thousand percent deserve to make the playoff. Here is why:


Number one, other than Bama the Western Michigan Broncos will be the only undefeated team. I repeat they will be the only undefeated Division 1A team not located in Tuscaloosa Alabama. All you crying Ohio State fans don’t fucking lose to Penn State, you beat Wisconsin and your in (I still think Ohio State should be the 4). But If Boulder beats Washington than the PAC 12 is out of the final four. The Big 12 is already out since it is a joke of a conference that actually contains 10 contaminated slapdick teams. The Big 10 winner deserves to be in and should Clemson win then they should be too. That leaves you with Alabama, Clemson, Western Michigan and either Washington/Wisconsin/Penn State/Ohio State depending on how the Big 10 championship game goes. Buckeye fans better root for a 6-3 Penn State victory.


Back to Western Michigan, they put up 45 points a game-tied for third in all of college football- while allowing 19 a game which comes in at 15. Find me another team with those kind of statistics. Not to mention they have run the ball for 3000 yards so far this season. Running back Jarvion Franklin will be playing on Sundays and so will the better half of that offensive line. Lastly, Jake Titlebaum mentioned it first, you heard/read it here first, Head Ball Coach P.J. Fleck will win a National Championship some day. Maybe not with WMU, but mark it down with black ink he will win won day.8rekxz5qdi7h7s25oyktc37ei23bcqz