So Trent Dilfer did win a superbowl for the Ravens, too lazy to look up the identical year but he did pass for a phenomenal 153 yards in that game. The point of this gofundme, however, is not to trash on Dilfers inability to play the quarterback position. Rather, the purpose of this gofundme is to get Trent Dilfer healthy again. A 190/135 blood pressure is simply not healthy. Dilfer needs to lose weight and I am going to be the stalwart to make it happen. Through this gofundme, I am going to raise a considerable amount of funds to by Mr. Trent a treadmill and god willing lets pray he uses it. If we want Mr. Trent around much longer we need to force him to loose a 25-35 lbs. Please lets raise 1200 to buy Mr. Trent Dilfer a treadmill and god willing lets pray he takes advantage of this tremendous opportunity!!!