It is unbelievable. I guess I have no one to blame but myself since I have a balcony and could have peeped the weather. But I am lazy and was lying in bed so I decided to go to weather dot com. Why on earth did I trust it. A they told me in New Orleans there was a tornado watch. No fucking tornado. I was genuinely excited to get in my Nissan and find that mofo and film it like they do on the discovery channel. No tornado. Next, they tell me in New Orleans it is 75 farenheight degrees and 80 percent humidity. So the jackass that I am put on kakky shorts and a t shirt and a hat. I walk out of my house and it felt like I was in Central Park in the middle January. Everyone else is in fucking jackets and winter hats and I was shivering my balls off. Never trust a meteorologist to do anything. It bemuses me that I cant learn from my mistakes and stop trusting them