Look, I always try and act courteous and respectful not only in public places but also in private places. Last night was different. Now I am not going to get into the ever- expanding debate on whether or not one should recline their reclining seats on a plane. I am a bottom line kind of guy and bottom line: if they recline then use them to recline. Now listen to this, the not so lovely lady sitting in front of me had her seat reclined, which obviously means I am going to recline my seat. The not so gentle man behind me, I am not going to harp on race, religion or gender but this jackass was no shorter than 6 ft. 5 inches and resembled someone who belonged on a basketball court, not in seat 26 C on a Delta flight from Atlanta to New York in the middle of the NBA season.

The guy half way through the flight tapped me on the shoulder and kindly asked me to put my seat to the upright position. I said, sort of in a maybe not the nicest way, (me having anxiety at airports I probably would have registered a .13 BAC) “only if you can get the person in front of me to stop reclining also”. This is where things got interesting. I told him you are being ridiculous sir and I am a man of my word, since the not so lovely lady in front me refused to put her chair upright, I will refuse so to this is a free country and you can’t demand me to do anything unless you’re my boss which you aren’t. He proceeded to get up, bring over the flight attendant and things got chippy. It was like a seen from a Little Marco Rubio vs. Donald Trump debate. Shots were fired everywhere, the flight attendant was on the side of the big guy and now I will never fly Delta again. Jet Blue, United, Continental, Southwest, you name it, shit I’d even fly Frontier over Delta.fuck-you-delta-ted